Yokomo YZ-114PLUSN YZ-114 Plus AC/DC Charger

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Equipped with a large screen LCD in a cool case based on black, produces a cool pit table. Charging performance has been greatly improved, and charging with a large current of 12A! Although it is the total output current, even when using a USB output with 2.1A for smartphone charging, 10A driving battery charge can be secured, and it can be handled with a margin even at the race level. 

As in the past, Li-po / Li-fe / Li-ion / Li-HV 1-6 cells, Ni-MH / Ni-cd 1-15 cells and batteries used for radio-controlled cars Full support, various charging modes, can handle any situation. Equipped with optimal functions for battery management, such as a discharge function for reducing the voltage to a certain level when storing the battery and a storage mode for charging a certain amount.

Voltage Input AC 100-240V, DC 11-18V
Charge Current 0.1-12.0A
Max. Charge Voltage 4.35V/cell
Discharge Current 0.1-5.0A
Cell Count LiXX 1-6 cells, NiXX 1-15 cells
Outputs 4mm (charge), 5.0V/2.1A (USB)
Charge Modes LiXX Charge, Balance Charge, Discharge, Fast Charge, Storage
Charge Modes NiXX Charge, Auto Charge, Cycle, Re-peak, Discharge
Safety Functions Auto charge current limit, voltage monitoring, internal resistance meter, capacity limit, temperature limit, charge time limit


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