Yokomo Yokomo DP-YD2EX2 YD-2EXII RWD Drift Car Kit (Matte Graphite Chassis)

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Achieved 2 times of the victory at D1-10 World Championship in Netherland. High-end RWD chassis kit YD-2EX has enhanced its performance at low traction surface.
The key feature of YD-2E-series is the low center of gravity for performing high speed drifting in any type of surface condition. In meantime, Team Yokomo developed and tested Front steering block and Front/Rear Short Lower Arm in several type of surface track for the super set of YD-2E series. Now, those new parts will be a kit standard at YD-2EX II.
Another benefit of YD-2EX II is the low friction shock and mat graphite main chassis which enable to use any type of batteries released for 1/10 scale RC cars in variety position.
YD-2EX is the high-end, good balanced configured car kit for variety of the drivers in any type of surface condition.

New designed Short Lower Arm and Steering Block for YD-2 E series could perform more steering angle and wider tread! More optimize Ackerman ratio will drive you to be more aggressive drifting performer.
All size of battery for NiCad, NiMH and LiPo are possible to install on YD-2E series car kit are possible to mount on.
(2 type of battery holder, Standard and Shot, will be standard bundled)

Innovative design of 4-gear transmissions for drift car.. Prevents the left/right imbalance due to the torque of the motor, by installing the motor in horizontal position and lead the neutral steering characteristics. Meanwhile, the rear traction will be increased on the throttle, so possible to escape when cornering stability and acceleration forces to withdraw. High dust-proof sealed gearbox is also attractive.
In addition, rear transmission gear is a lightweight type by using a plastic bevel gear and aluminum axle. Contributes to the improved throttle response and performance.
Aluminum shock cylinders are the super low friction shock which is with Kashima coating to reduce the maximum frictional resistance with piston. The largest capacity in on-road car category, 11.2mm big bore cylinder has adopted and enable to absorb even small vibration due to run with a resin tire in a drift run from the road surface, then possible to get a maximum grip.
Height adjust system possible to change the car height by rotate the spring tensioner and suitable for various length on springs. Of course the setting that is most suitable for various road surfaces and run situation in total is provided by the change of shock oil and the piston to get a damping force with finely adjusted.

*The pictures are the assembled samples on prototype. It may changes at the production version without notice.
*The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries, pinion gear, and other R/C electrics.

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