Rêve D Reve D HG Front Conversion Set for Slide Rack YD -2 RD-008

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  • Aluminum upper arm (Built-in ball bearing, 1pc each for left and right)
  • Aluminum upper arm mount (1pc)
  • Lightweight dry carbon Front shock tower (1 pc)
  • High rigidity upper arm pins (2pcs)
  • Lightweight POM spacers (0.5mm thickness x 4 pcs, 1.0mm thickness x 4 pcs, 2.0mm thickness x 2 pcs)
  • Aluminum thin M3 nylon nut (2 pcs)
  • M2 × 5mm cap screws (2pcs)
  • M3 × 8mm button head screws (6 pcs)
  • Assembly instructions (1 sheet)
  • This product is intended for YD-2 with slide rack configuration. Please note that it cannot be configured with the bell crank type.
  • For the turnbuckle on the upper arm, please chose Yokomo / Lunsford titanium turnbuckles for a snug fit.
  • A 4mm type turnbuckle wrench is required to assemble the upper arm pin.
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