L!GHTS BLU 002EN Flashing Leds

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BLU featured modes:

  • Realistic headlights with different intensity like real cars!
  • Hazard mode
  • Emergency mode
  • Taillights with brake function
  • Backfire Unit for Exhaust Explanation:

If you decide to park your car somewhere on the track the light unit will notice your stop and will go to hazard mode in. Just like a real car it will blink all four of the yellow leds at the same time. People will notice from a distance your car is parked.
This function will commence after 7 seconds, when not using your remote. In this mode, the light kit will blink at a slow pace.

If you are in a emergency situation on the track and you hit your brake for more then 2 seconds, the 4 yellow leds will go flashing quickly.
This option is to let people see that there is an emergency situation on the track.

The 4 rear red leds will burn continuous on 70% intensity and when you hit the brake they will light up till 90%.

The kit also has the famous little PCB board (same size as the BFU and PLU units) which is very lightweight and easy to install. The flatcables are very pliable and can be gleud into your bodyshell.

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